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MAMCOS was conceptualized in 1971 and Dr. P.S.Saharia, Dr. Narrotam Puri, Dr. L.D.Sota, Dr. Vijay Aggarwal, Dr. I.S.Bal and many other stalwarts put together their resources and organized a play which had donor tickets and the proceeds went for blankets for the patients at Irwin Hospital. In 1972 a dinner was held on 30th April, as the second get together.

Subsequently the activities were given up for lack of enthusiasm and MAMCOS was hibernating! In 1982 over cocktails (where else can such sweet ideas nurture!!) organized for Dr. Ashok Vaid’s wedding, Dr. Sota was once again stimulated to revive MAMCOS.

Finally the initiatives of Dr. Ashok Vaid, Dr. Sota, Dr. Upendera Gami, Dr. Narrotam Puri, Dr. Vijay Aggarwal, Dr. Sudershan Vaid, Dr. Prem Aggarwal, Dr. K.K. Katyal and the patron ship of Dr. D.S.Aggarwal the MAMCOS was reawakened in Oct. 1986.

This paved the way for the annual get together and dinner on 20th December of every year.


To name a few:

  • Regular office space allotted in college premises.
  • Facility to use MAMC library by the MAMCOS members.
  • Facility to use the swimming pool.
  • Use of Auditorium, Lecture Theater to be facilitated for MAMCOS. Organizing social get together on 20th December every year.
  • Felicitate the silver jubilee batch in night of 20th and grand dinner for everyone.
  • Installation of the familiar bust in front of Dean’s office of founder principal of MAMC Dr.B.L.Taneja
  • Organize a social get together of the silver jubilee batch one year prior as MIDCON celebrations.
  • Organizing every year a musical program for the STUDENTS of MAMC in the format of Dr.I.S.Bal Memorial competition.
  • Interact and forge links with overseas alumni in US and UK through MAMCOONA
  • Instituting Academic and overall excellence prizes for students every year of EACH professional.
  • Instituting the first of its kind, the MAMCOS sports award for students.
  • Organizing a Prof.Prem Kakkar trophy every year for the winner of the cricket match between MAMCOS-XI and MAMC-XI.
  • Organizing several CME’s all the year around.
  • MAMCOS was instrumental in organizing, planning and execution of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of MAMC. During this year several programs initiated, conceptualized and doctored by MAMCOS were held like a memorable play, felicitation of first batch of MAMC and also honoring the 50th batch of fresher etc.
    Thus dear friends MAMCOS is an unique alumnus organization which has grown from strength to strength on the vision of its founding fathers and the dedication of its ever dynamic executive. But friends this will not be possible for without the active support of EVERY member of MAMCOS. So please strengthen your fraternity by turning up at functions contributing through ideas and some self-less service. There are some important tasks which will require cooperation from any one and every-one in terms of time, money, resources and ideas.
  • Compiling data on the Members and taking out a MAMCOS directory. The last one was in1999 so it’s over 10 years old and due for renovation!!
  • Sorting out facilitation of sending MAMC students abroad and putting in place a hassle free mechanism so beauraucracy doesn’t spoil careers of youngsters.
  • Getting the younger (Between 5-10 years of passing out) generation involved in all activities. So let us all pledge ourselves that we shall make this organization so strong that we are a role model for all colleges and we become institutionalized for any decision making capacity of the college.

Dr.Rajiv Nayan

(with inputs from Dr. Ashok Vaid’s write up of 1999.)